Build a Strava Alexa App

Today's tutorial is another great Alexa tutorial on how to build an Alexa app using data from Strava. It's part four of a series, so stay tuned for the rest. Follow the tutorial here »

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Kepler - a Ghost Theme

Like what you see here? Curious how your Ghost site can look the same? Well good timing! Today I'm excited to announce a new theme for Ghost - Kepler. Kepler Built off of the base Casper theme, Kepler reimagines the »

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Build Your First Alexa App

In today's tutorial we are going to set up a very basic Amazon Alexa Skill that uses Python, specifically a package called Flask-Ask. Today's sample data may seem a bit controversial and political - but it »

Aww New Tab on ProductHunt

Visit Aww New Tab on ProductHunt! Hello ProductHunt! Quick backstory about me: I’m a long-time lurker. In the past, I was hesitant to comment or post on ProductHunt but I loved the site, loved the »

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AwwNewTab - Past & Future

Back in June of 2015, version 1.0 of AwwNewTab was released to the world with not much fanfare (on purpose). Fast forward to November 2015 with the launch of version 2.0 at the CM »

Facebook + Microsoft = Bot

Over the past couple weeks, I have had the great opportunity to develop off of Facebook's Messenger Platform and leverage Microsoft's LUIS Engine. What are those and what can you do with them? Well, those are »

Fitbit - A Coding Challenge

Way back in the summer of 2015, I set out a challenge to myself to take a site that I thought was interesting, "cool", and appealing, and try and recreate it myself using the coding abilities »