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Hello ProductHunt!

Quick backstory about me: I’m a long-time lurker. In the past, I was hesitant to comment or post on ProductHunt but I loved the site, loved the products, loved the comments, and was visiting here constantly. So, near the end of 2016, I set the goal of contributing back to ProductHunt. I am now 30 days deep of commenting on at least one product, a huge personal step. Sometimes it’s just a quick congratulations on the launch while other times I have had great, engaging conversations with other community members and makers — exactly what ProductHunt was built around and why I love the community.
So today, this my 30th day of contributing to ProductHunt, I’ve decided to launch a product of my own.

Welcome Aww New Tab.

Originally built a year and a half ago, Aww New Tab is my fun project, my learning project, and one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on. Is it perfect? Hellll nah. I’ve rewritten it completely three different times in the past year and a half with the purpose of learning something new along the way. The first version was terrible with design, so thus the second version I learned about design and better coding standards. This third version, I decided to learn Angular because I could and I was interested. So, a couple weeks (months) later, a new version was published and built with Angular.

What is Aww New Tab?

Aww New Tab is a new tab chrome extension to bring a little spice to every new tab. It currently supports two main visuals — beautiful images from Unsplash or category specific gifs from Giphy. You can input different categories for your gifs so you can personalize it however you like — some fan favorites include “corgi puppies,” “kittens,” “astronomy,” and “rupaul.”

Aww New Tab also includes “work mode” — a quick switch to Unsplash photos incase you connect your computer to a projector and you don’t want the whole meeting to know your gif preference.

Sharing was one of the most asked about features from version 2, so Aww New tab allows you to save, download, and copy gifs or images into your favorite application. Also, a little experimental, but you can try dragging and dropping from the extension into your favorite message application — 60% of the time it works every time.

Oh and of course it shows time 😎


The Goal

Aww New Tab was built for fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There isn’t a huge future plan, but I am always looking to learn more, improve, and make Aww New Tab better. If you have any feedback, let me know below, or if you are like me and a little nervous about commenting online, feel free to fill out this Google form:
I hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. Corgi puppies and kitten fails are my favorite gif collections if you need some inspiration for a place to start)


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