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Coding Mnemonically

Mnemonic: a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

While following my Python for Everybody course, I learned about mnemonic variable names, what that means, and how it can enhance programming. If you have been programming for a while now, you were probably taught this at one point in your history. For me, it was instilled in me in my first co-op job. Mnemonic variable naming is simple creating variable names that are indicative of the data they are holding. For example, x = 40 is pretty basic, but if you change it to hours_per_week = 40, you can clearly understand that the value 4 relates to how many hours one may work in a week. If you are a new programmer and starting off, I would recommend trying to use mnemonic variable names as much as possible. It will help with debugging, sharing code, and help deliver better quality code in the end!

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