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The Art of Living Deliberately and Designing Your Life - Srinivas Rao - "A disciplined pursuit of less, known in some circles as Minimalism seems to hold great potential for adding more meaning to our lives. Of course, this flies in the face of nearly all of our social programming. But with fewer things, we make room for more experiences."

RECONSIDER - DHH - "It didn’t disrupt anything. It didn’t add any new members to the three-comma club. It was never a unicorn."

Maybe This is What Life is About - Todd Brison - "Right now there are people — live ones — who can benefit from your emotional presence. You give a compliment, they walk away happy."

The Tiny-House Revolution Goes Huge. - Mark Sundeen - "Nowhere is the quest for simplicity and freedom more pronounced than in the tiny-house movement, which has grown from hipster alternative to mainstream phenomenon faster than an Amish barn raising."

Fitness & Health

The 100-Mile Eating Contest With a Little Bit of Running - REI Blog - "It turned out that ultrarunning wasn’t a diversion from a viable career. It was a career."

Design &

How to contribute to open source with Webpack - JavascriptPlayground - A guide to contributing to open source projects

How I went from 0 design experience to Facebook in 1 year - Sahil Khoja - "In the past year, I’ve learned a ton about myself, other people, and how a 750 x 1334 px screen can contribute or detract from our everyday lives. As a designer you have the power to affect people’s senses, emotions, and experiences — and that is the beauty of our field."

An iOS Developer on React Native - Chalk + Chisel - "Fast-forward a couple of months, and I’m confident enough to say I may never write an iOS app in Objective-C or Swift again."

How to stay up to date with Swift and the Developer Community - Andrei Puni - "As a developer learning never stops. That’s really exciting but also time consuming. Swift quickly became the most popular programming language and that means that a lot of people are doing cool stuff with it. "

Create A Working Conceptual Prototype For Your App In Less Than A Week - Peter Schroeder - "When I had my idea for an app, I knew no one was going to take me seriously unless I could show them my idea. I also wanted to work through the concept myself to give more context to my idea."

Build your First Alexa Skill - Brian Donohue - "I wanted to provide the slides with a bit of color here so other Alexa enthusiasts would be able to build their own skills, no coding experience required."

Clean Code Javascript - Ryan Mcdermott - "Our craft of software engineering is just a bit over 50 years old, and we are still learning a lot. When software architecture is as old as architecture itself, maybe then we will have harder rules to follow. For now, let these guidelines serve as a touchstone by which to assess the quality of the JavaScript code that you and your team produce."


Vellum - Free beautiful hand-curated wallpapers for the iPhone

Pace Coach - "PaceCoach optimizes your songs to match your running cadence and keep you on pace."

Aura - 3 minute meditation, personalized by AI

Startups & Entrepreneurship

How I Decided My Idea Was Worth Pursuing (I’ve Had A Lot Of ‘Ideas’) - Peter Schroeder - "It pains me to tell you this today, but ‘Kind Bars’ kind of stole my idea (get it). Bastards. "

Graduating from Developer to Entrepreneur - Rulian Estivalletti - "A guide for software developers to stop writing beautiful code, and instead make interesting products people will use. "

How to Validate a Business Idea in 30 Days with Less Than $500 (My Validation Challenge) - Ryan Robinson - "Here’s the deal. I want to show you how easy it can be to validate a business idea—any idea—very quickly without spending hardly any money at all."

And what to ask to get the most out of those last 5 to 10 minutes - Angela Zhang - "It was the moment at the end of each hour-long interview when my interviewer would ask me: 'Are there any questions I can answer for you about ?'"

99 Essential Online Business Tools I’ve Used to Start a Profitable Website - Ryan Robinson - "I wish I had known about these online business tools when I first started trying to make money online with my early websites."

How to Build and Sell a Website with an Engaged Audience - Ryan Robinson - "If you’re in the business of publishing content online, it goes without saying that you have some sort of personal or business goals in doing so. "

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