Tutorial to try: iOS From Scratch With Swift

The Resource

As being a fairly active follower of the newest technology out there, always learning new things, user of Twitter, and looking for new tutorials to follow, EnvatoTuts and the plethora of resources there is one that usually comes across my field of view. Spanning from Webdesign to Mobile development, there are free tutorials or paid lessons that one can follow to get a better understanding.

The Language

Recently I've been taking a liking to mobile development. I was told to pick a language I prefer and if I don't have a preference, pick the one that my phone runs on. Well, I have a Mac, I also have a Nexus 5, and I don't have a preference. I really can't decide which one to do. It would be a little foolish to develop and app that I can't run, but then again, Apple's software only runs on Mac's and there is that Apple design that feels clean and elegant. (Also if you take a look at the tutorial below, there is a solid argument for developing in Swift/for iOS).

In saying all that, I've been keeping bookmarks of tutorials that could be useful down the road. I have over 3,000+ bookmarks in total (including others), but most of them are coding and tutorial related. Well, add a new one to the list.
iOS From Scratch with Swift

The Tutorial

If one is looking to get involved with coding in Swift and (I would assume) built native iOS apps, Apple has a book on Getting Started with iOS or something like that. The problem with those kinds of books, in my humble opinion, is that it starts from the basic basic beginning.
1. What is a variable?
2. How to do multiplication?
3. What is a string?

Don't get me wrong, understanding the correct syntax is important for all of these, but explaining what they mean is a bit unnecessary if you have coded before. There needs to be a "Getting Started with iOS for the Intermediates" - am I professional, yeah no. But am I a real beginner? I would like to think not.
The iOS From Scratch with Swift tutorial seems to be a bit more up the line of beginner - I mean it says 'from scratch' in the name so that is expected.

But then comes the other side of the argument. If, in the near future, I have to do a quick search to figure out how to declare a string and using the let variable, that would be an enormous waste of time. Why would I not spend the time on the front end so I understand the basics of it all before trying to tackle the larger problems?

And maybe I just had to get it all on words to decide what I was going to do. That is the point of a blog right? I like the counter argument.

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