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Sharing Ideas

One thing I love being a part of is getting an idea and seeing how far you can take it. Over the past couple years, I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a couple of these ideas that broke the barrier between idea and product. My favorite one was Activity Buzz - a service that helped parents find the best activities for their kids. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite pan out. But, in the semi-failure, many lessons were learned so I’d count it as a success.

Ideas though are just ideas unless you act on them. They sit in your brain or on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet for eternity unless some action is taken. The number of times I’ve spent a hours going down a hole and then not act on that idea is…countless. In college I even semi-designed something that never came to fruition. This past year, a friend and myself even submitted our idea to a bootcamp. Most ideas though, well they go in the long list of “that would be cool.”

So today, I’m sharing one of those ideas!

Draw With Your Voice

Back maybe last year or the year before that, Reddit had an application where users could color in pixels on a white canvas on the internet. It would all depend on how many users were drawing, consistency, frequency, and many other factors. Often times, if you wanted to draw something, someone else would come in and override what you just drew with their own drawing. Pixel by pixel, different images emerged in different spots on this canvas.

The thought: what if you could do that with your voice?

While playing with Alexa, I wondered how cool it would be if everyone who had an Alexa was able to “draw” on a shared canvas on the internet but with the restriction of only being able to saw what you want. Commands like “draw a line from the top left to the bottom right” or “draw a circle in the middle” were some example commands.

It would be difficult though - getting commands from voice data points to X,Y positions on a canvas would be…tricky to say the least. But, in a skewed way of thinking (and with some technical prowess), you could imagine that people could then “paint” or “create art” with their voice.

Have any thoughts about this? Let me know @kevinguebert.