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The Canvas Strategy

Remember back to your first job that you ever got - like job-job. This could have been an internship in your field, apprenticeship, or a junior developer. At any point in that time period did you think to yourself "I'm not being appreciated for my work" or "I know I can do better than this"? Hello ego. Ryan Holiday talks about in Ego is the Enemy that with those positions they are ripe for opportunity...if we can fight our ego. We are told "make your boss look good" and "help those above you." Those phrases are putting your ego aside and putting others above yourself. That way, when the time comes people think of you as a valuable asset to the team - you put them ahead of you and they will remember that. You are helping clear the paint ahead of them while they reap the credit. In doing this, you are putting your ego aside so that you can grow yourself.

Ryan Holiday throws in the last tip about clearing the path - you then decide where to go.

Post inspired from: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

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