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End of January Reflection

The first month of 2018 has come to a close. How did you do on your resolutions? How are they coming along? I wanted to reflect a little bit on my resolutions and provide an update on how I’m doing as a sort of accountability to myself.

By Memorial Day 2018, I want to have 100 new posts on a website about something I have learned.

I call this the “learn and share” goal.

What’s the purpose of it? To challenge myself to learn more, read more, and then share what I’ve learned so that others may learn from it too.

What’s the progress? So far, this goal has taken form by reading books. Lots of books. As you may see on the left sidebar, I’ve read more books this month than any month in my past - some are for fun (Altered Carbon) while others are more learning focused (Algorithms to Live By) and then others are more life and reflection focused (Siddhartha).

What are the metrics? To get into the nitty gritty, Memorial Day is at the end of May the 5th month of the year. 100 posts over 5 months equates to 20 posts a month. That’s about 5 posts a week going on an average of 4 weeks a month. My goal was to use a moving average of 4 posts every 7 days. I actually have a calendar on my wall that I mark an “X” on the days that I accomplished a post. Note sometimes I may write a post but it doesn’t get published until later, I will return to that at another time. But! To circle back, looking back at the posts on this site, it looks like I have 20 exactly including this post. Woah, that’s oddly coincidental, not planned at all. At the same time though, this recap post is a double post on this last day of the month following To Be or To Do. It looks like I may have slacked off a bit at the end then.

What are the plans going forward? February is a shorter month. Recently, I’ve been out of my groove a little using my computer before work to do other work which has then impacted the amount I read and take notes. Doing that has then impacted my work day…so it seems to point to that I shouldn’t do work before work and should instead keep to my reading. 20 posts out of 28 (?) days will be more of a challenge.

That’s a wrap! Looks like overall, not a bad goal month besides tailing off at the end. It looks like a good foundation to go into February with which will be a bit more challenging. I’m looking forward to it.