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Altering Your Perception

Yesterday I talked a bit about ways to change your perception: being object, controlling your emotions, etc. Today I wanted to dive a little deeper into it after reading more. When we have a friend or coworker tht has a problem, we oftentimes can easily add our own advice. Why is this? Well, when the situation isn’t happening to us, we can look at it objectively. We don’t have that ego butting into our decision making when the decision isn’t ours to make, but, once we are in a similar situation ourselves, we struggle with that same problem. Our emotions cloud our judgment and we lack the objectivity to view the obstacle in the most basic form. Our perspective is everything though. If we can take that obstacle, break it down and look at it objectively and through a different perspective, we can then see the other opportunities that exist. We can then flip the obstacle on its head and make it an opportunity.

Next time you face an obstacle, a challenge, or a problem, try taking a step back. Have a conversation with yourself - do I need to freak out over this? What if this was happening to someone else? What am I missing?

Post inspired from: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.