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“If you’re not humble, life will visit humbleness upon you” - Mike Tyson

Fear setting. Premortems.

Both of these are tools to help one anticipate and act correctly. These tools help one envision what could go wrong, all the possible scenarios, before anything actually starts. Say you have a big app launch coming up - do a premortem to figure out all the possible failure scenarios so that you can anticipate and be prepared for them. What if the app gets really popular and there are too many people? That isn’t a bad scenario to have, but also if the app fails because of it, that would be something to anticipate. Or (speaking from a recent experience), what if the road gets covered by snow and ice and your car is ill-equipped to handle it? Do you wake up that morning having to figureo ut a plan or do you anticipate this possible scenario? “The only guarantee is things will go wrong,” it is up to us to be prepared.

Part of this however is that one may seem like a pessimist. When you are always imagining the possible failures, many of which may not even come to pass, it may seem like a pessimistic point of view. But, to challenge that, is it not better to be prepared for what could happen then to be caught suprised? One can discover the weakness in plans and know how to react and counter any scenario when they arrive. It is far better to be prepared for a scenario than to have the scenario catch you by surprise.

Post inspired from: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.