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End of February Reflection

February has come to a close! A short month, but still time to reflect on progress.

Goal: By Memorial Day 2018, I want to have 100 new posts on a website about something I have learned.

If you want to learn more about this goal, check out End of January Reflection.

Metrics: In January, I completed exactly 20 blog posts. To meet my goal of 100 new posts by Memorial Day, I would have to average 20 posts a month(ish). In February, I completed 13 blog posts. That puts me 7 behind the pace 🙃. Not exactly what I am looking for.

Reasons/Excuses: What caused this lack of blog posts?

  • Less reading
  • Completely out of town from February 1-4th
  • Guests from February 22-27th.

But, that is more of an excuse than anything. I did not prioritize creating a blog post on those days, and right now, I’m okay with that. I believe I can make up those 7 in the next 3 months as long as I keep on track.

Ways to get back on track: My morning routine was shifted with the above activities. I succeed when I have my time to read in the morning and then reflect on my reading. What about days when I don’t have that luxury? I should recognize that early on in the day (I have a basic idea of how my schedule will look), and then try and look for items I come across that could make a good (can be short) post. Something is better than nothing.