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Building Team Culture

"But if you're an entrepreneur and you're betting on just one company, then the data says you're much better off with a commitment-focused culture" - James Barron (150)

When talking about jobs and comparing millenials to the older generations, oftentimes we see a stark difference between the job attitudes between the two generations. The older generations often have been with the same company for years upon years, 20, 25, 30+, while in the millenial culture, many hop around jobs every couple of years. Me personally, I'm at my second job 2 years out of college already. Charles Duhigg's chapter on "Managing Others" talks about how different teams leads to different types of outcomes. There is the All-Star team with all the Ivy School-like kids, there's the autocratic team, the dictatorship-like team ("if I say do this, do it"), the engineering team, and then lastly there's a team he calls the "commitment team." First glance, out of all of these you would think "the all-start team is the way to go" - it is made up of all the smartest people in the room, of course that makes most sense. Or next up maybe the engineering team with long coding sessions and great technical skills. However, it is in fact the commitment team that perfroms the best over time. Companies that push for the strongest culture, oftentimes before the best product is delivered, have a higher rate of success than all the others. Companies with better maternity leave, relaxed work-from-home policies, day care options, and all those perks that aren't necessarily "day-to-day" perks like free food or a ping-pong table ended up having stronger employee loyalty and higher rates of success. People want to go to work when they feel like the company is committed to them. Committment from the company then leads to commitment from the employee to output their best work and to even stay if they are being headhunted.

Maybe then, one of the first employees at a new company should be a great HR representative that puts culture first instead of all-star employees that may let their ego's get in the way.

Post inspired from: Smarter Faster Better. The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.

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