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Add Disruption

“When strong ideas take root, they can sometimes crowd out competitors so thoroughly that alternatives can’t prosper. Sometimes the best way to spark creativity is by disturbing things just enough to let some light through.” (231)

Many of us have been there - we are stuck on a project or a task and can’t seem to make any progress. We have maybe gone down one path and it seems like there isn’t an end in sight or there’s no good way to continue. This time period is prime for a distruption. One of the great thigns about iterative design is that it can always take in feedback and be updated without having to do the whole project over again. We can get stuck on one idea of how the problem should be solved that we fail to see the other possible plans that could be better. Maybe next time we are stuck on a task, take a break and go for a run. Or clean the kitchen. Or do something to break up that brain pattern of thing in one way, it may prove to find a better solution.

Post inspired from: Smarter Faster Better. The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.