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Accountability Tracking

Curious about how to automate some of your accountability? This month for my tracking, I implemented a version 1 plan to automate my tracking by using two services: IFTTT and Zapier. IFTTT is “If this then that” and Zapier is a very similar service more focused on the business aspect of tasks. What you can do is set up certain “triggers” which then create an output. The way I use it is by using the triggers to add events to a shared Google Calendar.

For example:

Every time I have a workout on Strava, it creates an event on the calendar.

Every time I commit code to my side projects, it will create an event.

Every time I press a button on my watch, it will create an event correspoding to that button.

I also use this for tracking how my “todo” list is coming along by using Trello. Every time I mark a card as “done” it adds it to the calendar.

I’m only a couple days in, but if you are looking for a new way, I would recommend checking out those two services!