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Idea + Work

"I don't want to hear your idea. The idea is the easy part" - Casey Neistat (21)

"The best way to increase a startup's growth rate is to make the product so good people recommend it to your friends." - Paul Graham (20)

Think back to the lsat time you used a product you thoroughly enjoyed. It can be an app or a piece of furniture or a utensil, anything, physical or digital. Remember that feeling that you got what you started using it? I know whenever I see something that is built well I often times have a verbal "wow" that accompanies it.

How often does that experience occur for you? If you are like me, surprisingly not that often. But what is that? In Perennial Seller, the first few chapters (pages really) share some insights into this exact idea. The first problem is that creators don't want to put in the work. I know I fall guilty to this - I want the output without putting in the effort. If we are to make a product truly fantastic though, it requires the struggle and the highs and lows that come with it. Secondly, people love ideas. My post The Dope Addiction echos this same idea - Ideas are cheap. But people love them, love talking about them, love fantasizing. I know I do. I am 100% a perfect example of both of these flaws (which take up 4 pages of a 200+ page book) - I avoid the hard work and I have a new idea every week. So how do we move past that? Well, for now I'm going to keep on reading to try and find out.

Post inspired from: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday.

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