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Make Your Bed

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to check out the previous blog post of the Make Your Bed Youtube video. If not, I would highly recommend it. What about the book though? The book is a written version of that speech that goes into a bit more detail and provides some more stories. Admiral McRaven has 10 points which he believes will help one have a better life. In these 10 points, my favorite is actually the very first one and the title of the book - make your bed. The reason that this is my favorite is because it is a very actionable item that comes down to discipline. The one action of making your bed when you wake up leads to more action and then more action. Making a conscious decision to start the day off on the right foot I believe will increase the chances that the rest of the day will continue well. He states (paraphrasing) that if one can't do the simple task of making his/her bed in the morning, how can they be expected to make any other, larger decisions throughout the day?

If you don't already then, tomorrow morning, wake up, make your bed, and start your day on your own terms.

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