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Sharing Ideas Part 3

Be sure to check out my previous posts to see other ideas that I've had over the past couple of years of a Twitter bot and an Alexa skill.

One thing I have been getting into recently has been accountability. I talk about it a bit in my post about Accountability and Tracking - ways to automatically track what you're doing towards your goals. The most recent idea I had came from that post and a service called WIP.chat. WIP.chat started off as a Telegram group where you were accountably to the group to work on your projects and it would keep track of it through Github issues. Users would then build "streaks" to showcase how many consecutive days they have worked on their projects.

I am a big fan of this idea but have no been able to justify spending the money on it for $20 a month. A bit out of my price range. So my very basic idea is to integrate Twitter and Github to do a basic system. Every day you commit, it would send out a Tweet and update your Twitter bio with how many days you are "streaking." You are then publicly accountable to keep your streak alive.

Ideally in a perfect world I would have time to work on this - it doesn't sound too hard right? If you have any feedback or input on this idea, holla at me on Twitter.

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