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A New Coding Course

A big lesson I have been working on learning over the past couple years is, when a problem occurs, take action as soon as possible. This action can be creating a plan, writing down your goals, watching YouTube videos, or creating a Google Doc with action items, but at the very least you are moving towards fixing the problem. Two days ago, I shared a post Things I Wish I Knew that outlined some of the struggles I have been facing in terms of my development skills. The following day (yesterday), I provided an update titled Things I Wish I Knew - Progress where I outlined some of my possible courses of action. From this action item list, I looked into and completed all of them!

✔️ Talk to a coworker/friend about ways to improve

✔️ Research online classes and figure out the best one.

In doing all of this, I've come to two new courses of action:

  1. Look into books from the library that I can read to improve knowledge

✔️ Design it! : from programmer to software architect is currently on hold at the library

  1. Start an online class

✔️ Yesterday I started Python for Everybody and completed the first chapter.

With this new course, you will notice a new tag py4e(Python 4 Everybody - PY4E) where you can track any posts or updates I may have.

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