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Before You Over Deliver

"The easiest and most critical way to reinforce their decision is by giving them quick access to what they paid for. But to go further, you'll want to overdeliver: give them more than what they expected." (105)

This morning's quote from The $100 Startup is meaningful and very important. If you sum it up, it basically comes down to make the experience of your product/app as enjoyable as possible and then more so that customers are more willing to come back and share. But, I think there should be a point before you overdeliver. A trap that I have fallen into is getting too excited about some extra features (the overdelivery), that the core product gets pushed aside. Do not let that happen! The core product is still the core product! Before you overdeliver, make sure you actually deliver!

Post inspired from: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

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