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45 Minutes Every Morning

Every morning, set aside forty-tive minutes without internet access. Devote this time exclusively to activities that improve your business -nothing that merely maintains the business. Think forward motion...What can you do to keep things moving ahead?

At the beginning of the writing journey, back in January, I shared a post describing my morning routing. The quote above by Chris Guillebeau is not limited to a "startup" or a "business" in the way that he refers them. We share the same basic principle - every morning, spend some time sans-internet to focus on something. For me, my "startup" is myself. Every morning I focus on activities that will improve me - reading, journaling, and then writing. In Chris Guillebeau's world, that "startup" is actually a business but the same principles apply! If you've been on the fence about it, try it for one week. For one week, don't check your phone automatically when you wake up. Get some coffee, have a good breakfast, read a little, make a to-do list, or just sit and think. Keep the interruptions of the world at bay and make that time for you.

Post inspired from: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

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