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Life in Terms of Priorities and Trades

Recently for me, I've seen a post shared around on social media sites that prescribes a different way of thinking about your tasks.

Instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "it's not a priority" and see how it feels.

Last night I was hit with this decision: stay and play Settler's of Catan with my friends, new people, and be social, or, head home and wake up in time for a 6:30AM track workout. This, for me, was an exercise of that quote. What was the highest priority for me? My original plan was to do both, but when the game turned into "want to play another?" the decision was needed fast. Stay or leave? The problem is that a) being social and b) working out are both high priorities for me. So what do I do when they collide?

In this scenario, I traded. I traded my sleep time and workout time for extra social time and I stay to play Catan. When making decisions, you need to think about how the current decision could effect any future decisions. I had to be okay with giving up the future track workout to stay and play Catan.

Today, try thinking about what to you is a priority and how you deal with it. Is it actually the highest priority in your life? Do you put it above everything else? Or does it sink low when something with quicker returns comes along?

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