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End of March Reflection

March has come and gone, time to reflect on any progress of my goals!

Goal: By Memorial Day 2018, I want to have 100 new posts on a website about something I have learned.

If you want to learn more about this goal, check out End of January Reflection.

Metrics: In January, I completed exactly 20 blog posts. To meet my goal of 100 new posts by Memorial Day, I would have to average 20 posts a month(ish). In February, I completed 13 blog posts which put me 7 behind the pace.

In March, after having a bit of a lapse in the middle of the month and also including this post, I had 32 blog posts.

Understanding the Data: To be honest, a bit of a surprise for me! Here are a couple notes about having 32 blog posts in March:

  • I successfully made up my 7 post deficit from February
  • I am now 5 posts ahead of my planned schedule of 20 posts a month
  • Brings my total blog posts to 65 - 35 to go before Memorial Day!

Going Forward: I'm not going to lie, the book I'm reading right now Design It! is not too exciting to blog about. It's very software/programming focused. However, I do have other books on the way that will provide (in my mind), better material. I do feel like I've been in more of a "groove" with posting though, so I would like to continue that in the month of April.

Along with the design update in March, I've also added commenting to certain posts that I feel are suitable for comments. My Look then Leap post has received a fair amount of traffic so I recently added commenting there and have also received a comment! Not all posts will have comments though, it is based off of if I feel it would provide benefit. Feel free to provide any feedback or let me know what you think below!

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