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April Review

April is over, May is here. Time to check in on those goals.

Goal: By Memorial Day 2018, I want to have 100 new posts on a website about something I have learned.

If you want to learn more about this goal, check out End of January Reflection.

Metrics: In January, I completed exactly 20 blog posts. To meet my goal of 100 new posts by Memorial Day, I would have to average 20 posts a month(ish). In February, I completed 13 blog posts which put me 7 behind the pace. In March, after having a bit of a lapse in the middle of the month and also including this post, I had 32 blog posts.

Now for April, I completed only 15 blog posts.

Understanding the Data: A little bit of a bummer for April. To be honest, I don't quite have a reason for this low number of 15. Fortunately in March, I had 5 extra to give...but I didn't expect to need them all in April. My total is now 80, so I have 20 blog posts to write by Memorial Day (which is the average for each month).

Going Forward: May will have to be as strong as March was for me. Reading 12 Rules of Life is intense, in depth, and philosophical, but that is not an excuse to not write about it or anything. Memorial Day is 28 days away, so my goal is definitely still attainable!

One thing I have come to realize over the past week or so is that 5 months for a SMART goal for me is too long. I'm itching to start something new, get a refresh (or a week off), and set a new date and new goals. I already have some in mind that I'm getting excited about. A new blog CMS, new format, new types of posts, new content...all that good stuff. I also received some great feedback about my writing - Walk Out of the Woods was given some praise for its rawness and original thought. Oftentimes I'm summarizing what I read that morning, but sprinkling in personal thoughts is something I can work on.

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