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Create, Not Consume

Close out of Reddit. Close out of Facebook. Close out of Twitter.

10 minutes later, back on Reddit, back on Facebook, back on Twitter.

Ever have one of those days? The days where you are consuming information, refreshing the same websites hoping for something new? The days where you scroll through your Instagram feed, close out of the app, only to open it 5 minutes later to see what's new?

Those are the Consuming Days. Days where all you are doing in taking in information, taking in photos, statuses, news links, and tweets. You know those studies where they look at people using social media and determine their mental health? Consuming Days are the days where one's mental health declines. Consuming Days are the highlight of those studies. Consuming Days are days where you take in the outside world and apply it to yourself. Consuming Days are the days where you start comparing - comparing yourself to the highlight reel of others.

You want Creating Days. On Creating Days, you're giving back. Creating Days you're helping others, interacting with friends and family, building new tools, progressing on your work, and making a difference in the world. Creating Days give you that internal boost of "feeling good." You've done something productive, healthy, and beneficial with your day. You're Creating, not Consuming. Aim for Creative Days. Code a little. Help others online. Sketch the idea. Raise your hand. Contribute in a meeting. Build that momentum. Create a little, then Create more.

A full stack developer & constant learner who loves finding new ways to use technology.