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A Simple Accountability Idea/MVP

A while back I wrote about how I use IFTTT and Zapier to do some basic accountability tracking. By using a Google Calendar and the two mentioned services, every time I completed a task that I set up as one I wanted to track, it would post to my calendar. Thinking more about it today, it could be fairly simple to get a service together to have a user highlight 2-3 top priority habits and create a visual system to keep them accountable. On my wall right now, I have 3 calendars set up so I can cross off the tasks I complete every day. The idea is to transfer that to a publicily accountable place.


  1. Reminder every day at user determined time to have them review their tasks
  2. A simple Google Form for them to check "yes" or "no" if completed
  3. Google Form updates a spreadsheet
  4. IFTTT/Zapier checks if a new row has been added to the spreadsheet
  5. If a habit was completed that day, update a calendar online by crossing off that day

---- UPDATE 5:05PM ----

I liked the idea. Even though I posted this less than an hour ago since this update, I did some work. Check out my accountability progress in May and let me know what you think of the idea.

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