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An Upgraded Morning Routine

Way back in January I talked about my morning routine and how it works for me. For the past couple months, I've stuck with it probably 95% of the time with the 5% missing coming from when visitors are here or when I'm traveling. Recently (like this past week), I've shaken things up a little more though. I know that I am most productive in the morning, so I asked why not give myself more time then? I decided to shift my sleep clock around and ended up waking up 30 minutes earlier than previously. The effects have been dramatic to say the least. That simple 30 minutes seems like I have extra hours every morning. If you want to get more done before work, I would recommend moving the alarm 15 or 30 minutes earlier, you may get all you need done.

Last night while doing a weekly check-in call with my good friend Joe, we talked about this and how it could be beneficial to add some light exercises in. I have more time, why not? Coincidentally enough, last night I also started reading Own the Day, Own Your Life which also talks about exercise every morning. That seems like a sign, right? Aubrey Marcus's prescribed morning routine is simple:

  1. Drink water (he has a 'cocktail' concoction)
  2. Get some sunlight
  3. Light exercise

He water concoction is water, salt, and some a little bit of lemon to replenish the body of being dehydrated all night. Then "blast" yourself with blue-light from the sun (after every sleep cycle, including naps). Finally, light exercise to get the blood flowing. He does 23 burpees, but anything including yoga can help. Why does he prescribe this? To get your day started on the right foot. Don't roll over in bed, hit snooze, check social media immediately, and let others define how you feel in the morning. Start your day off under your control and get your body moving.

Post inspired by Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus

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