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Accountability MVP Part 3

Okay so I've become a bit wrapped up in the Accountability Calendar - and by wrapped up I mean working on it because it is fun.

Some new features:

  • Streaks: See what the longest streak for each month was.
  • Overall totals: see how many days out of the month I actually completed the goal
  • Shades of green: if I completed more than 1 that day, the shade is a little darker
  • Multiple Months! (Big one!) You can now view my previous months, back to January when I started

What other features would be cool? My thoughts have been

  • Some sort of chart to show progress
  • More data per day - if you hover over a day, it shows what activities or when the event was completed. For example, on "Exercise" it shows what exercise I completed, how far, etc.
  • Integration with other services (like Strava) so you dont have to actually input the data. But, that is also a nice feeling of "checking" off a day, maybe not.
  • Milestones and goal setting - my goal was set towards Memorial Day, so maybe a countdown?
  • Personal profile - create a web app and you could find an individual user like "someurl.com/@kevinguebert" (okay this is a bigger undertaking...)
  • Multiple layouts
  • Emails when someone is going "streaking" - highlight someone currently streaking
  • Public/social accountability when someone misses more than 1 day in a row? (or more than X days that are set)

Would other people be interested in this?

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