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Run an Empire App

Today's post is a small break from my regular-like posts. I'm a big fan of running, and I'm a big fan of discipline and tools that help people reach their goals. Over a year ago (maybe even two?), I came across Run an Empire to help combine those two passions of mine. What is Run an Empire? You know those games where you build settlements, collect coins, protect your village, and all that jazz? Well those games don't require you to do anything besides stay glued to your phone as much as possible. Run an Empire takes a different approach - if you want to advance in the game, you have to run. You collect territories (hexes) but running through them. The more you run, the more coins you collect, the more you are able to build. Run an Empire promotes running to build your "empire" and not sitting around tapping a million times.

Originally launched as a Kickstarter in 2014, Run an Empire released the first early access version of their app for both Android and iOS this past January. Now that my training schedule has been/will be starting to pick up, I'm using Run an Empire as a companion app to tracking my runs. The app is in early access , still being built, and it still has some bugs to work out, but I would still recommend downloading it and trying it out. I haven't even experienced the whole gameplay as no one around me has the app yet, so it will be fun when empires start battling it out!

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