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Forgive Yourself

"If we don't forgive ourselves, all that knowledge from our past failures will instead petrify into useless information, and we will continue to believe deep down that we deserve to get beaten down by life." (365)

An inspiring end to Own the Day, Own Your Life - learn to forgive yourself because all you can do is your best. Recently over the past couple of weeks, I've been struggling with this part of "Owning the Day." Marcus' points tread similarly to Extreme Owenership by Jocko Willink. As humans, we often think it's better to blame others, create excuses or reasons, and hide behind things we make up. If we instead take the Extreme Ownership point of view, we be able to "look our mistakes right in the eye", learn from them, and move own. From there, as long as we are doing our best, that is all we can ask for. If our best isn't what we envisioned, then we forgive ourselves knowing that we gave it our all, and learn from what happened. That way, next time, we can use what we've learned and do it better.

"Your day is never going to be perfect...But that doesn't mean I don't wake up and do my best the next day" (365)

Post inspired by Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus

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