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Integrating Maps with Harvy

If you haven't checked it out yet, last week maps were introduced to Harvy. I am extremely excited to bring this functionality (well, the start of it) to Harvy and cannot wait to show everyone what is coming down the pipeline. Mapping has been a huge passion of mine so being able to implement it through code has been a blast. Harvy utilizes Mapboxas the mapping provider. The reason for this over other services like Google is due to the reputation that Mapbox has as being a great developer resource for getting maps in an application. Other services like Strava Routes also use Mapbox as their provider, so I figured you can't go wrong with that.

Right now the main features of this map are adding markers and creating a route for your run (or walk or bike). You can pinpoint where you would like to run and then it will show the total distance.

This may seem like a small feature, but creating a route is the bases and foundation of the map and the features to come. Making sure that I implemented route making correctly was definitely a priority of mine. Check it out and let me know what you think, any feedback is good feedback.

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