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A New Adventure in #nocode


Over the past few months, the rise of #nocode has been hard to miss. Indiehackers, HackerNews, ProductHunt, and Reddit have all seen a rise in makers building without the need for any (or at least, not as much) coding. Last Spring I participated in my first "No-code Hackathon" sponsored by ProductHunt and Coda. After the work there, I won "Maker in Chief" for my PANAS Mood Tracker. However, as fun as that was, I didn't think it had the foundation around it to transform it into a side business, side hustle, or even just a hobby.

The Idea

I'm not 100% ready to share the idea yet but I can share that it (surprise surprise) has to do with audio again. Harvy already deals with music, Spotify, and audio which has been a blast to build on. This new idea is now a deep dive into some new technology I've learned about over the past couple of weeks that I believe has some fascinating opportunities to work with.


With this project, I'm hoping to get back into the world of learning. I've chosen Webflow, Zapier, and Memberstack as my "stack" of choice for building this tool and I've already spent more hours after work in it than I thought I would. It's bringing back that same "magic wow" factor when making apps that I've been missing recently. That is goal #1 - to have fun, learn something new, and maybe utilize those skills later. Goal #2 is to make $1. Why $1? Because I've never made any money on my projects and $1 is a great place to start. I have the features and validated market that I believe I can make at least $1. I also have some fun ideas to make $100 but I can't start without that first $1.


My MVP is on its way. As usual, I am not a designer so that has been a frustrating challenge. I would rather work on the connections and foundation over the design. If you are a designer and would like to collaborate, hit me up. I would be happy to share what I have so far. My goal is to have something solid by the end of March. What does solid mean? It means all the parts that I forget about including what happens when someone deletes an account or wants to edit their profile. Those smaller tasks that are still needed but take up some work.

I hope to update here as I go along, be on the lookout.

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