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Coding After Hours - Episode 1 Recap

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

2 min read

The first installation of Coding After Hours is complete with some mild success. This week we tackled a problem from our friend @thederril to build out a weather app.

Did we complete the task? Technically

Our basic website Can be it be improved? Absolutely

What Went Well

  • For this evenings stream, I tested out some new software from Twitch that is their OBS competitor/wrapper that worked out fairly well. I enjoy using that interface over the OBS one as it's cleaner and more "one-click" friendly that I like.
  • We were able to get our weather API integrated fairly quickly using and calls were successfully being made right off the bat
  • We integrated the Google Maps Geocoding API fairly well even though it was an after-thought-feature.

What Can Be Improved

  • My personal 2015 Macbook may not be the computer to stream on. Everything happening at once made it...struggle
  • Although I went in with a plan, I should have also gone in with a design. I had one in mind but I should have workshopped it more.
  • I laid out some of the requirements for building the app but didn't account for everything, this lead to integrating Google Maps Geocoding on the fly!
  • My camera looks out of focus?

Overall Thoughts

If I were to give it a rating from 1-10 without using 7, I'd probably give it a 5 or 6. The stream was overall way better than the day before but I still can work on improving preparation and quality.

Until next time!