Behat and JS? Go CasperJS

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Today while writing tests (shocking, I know), I came across an interesting and unknown (at the time) scenario. For the site, I wanted to test and make sure a certain element was showing up on the page. At the time, I was writing Behat tests to do some functionality and the tests are very simple to write, so I decided to try and create a simple test for my element. Usually this is pretty straightforward:

Given I am on "/" #the homepage Then I should see ".ad-block" element

As you can see above, I am checking to make sure an ad is showing up on the page. However the problem is that the ads do not populate on first page load. They have to send a request to get the ads and populate them. So, this means for Behat, it is not waiting for those ads to load! The driver I am using is the Goutte driver, so any chance at creating a FeatureContext is not possible with javascript. Example:

Given I am on "/" And I wait 4 seconds

That's what I learned today! Luckily, Behat is our Behavior Driven Development testing framework, but we also use CasperJS for our testing. In fact, there were already tests written for other ads on the site. The more you know!

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