Migrating (back to) Ghost


At this point, I've lost track of the number of different iterations of my personal websites I've created. The goals change over time and the most recent iteration was more to "sell" rather than to showcase. When building out a personal website, how and what you build really comes down to what is the goal. Like I said, the last version was to "sell" - sell myself as a way to potential clients as a contractor. But there are other reasons for websites, such as building a brand, a simple segway to other products, building an audience, or just being for your hobbies like photography. I'm of course coming from the angle of a developer when mentioning creating one's personal website.

The last iteration of my personal site was built with Webflow. I'm a huge fan of Webflow, especially in the Nocode industry. The power and ease at which one can create, build, and grow using Webflow is extraordinary. Why did I move then? Well, to be honest, the price. With my personal website, it clocked in at a solid $15 a month. That isn't terrible, but 15*12 = $180 a year to host my personal website....which doesn't really do much? It is basically a landing page for me -a $180/year landing page though? Maybe not. Especially when there are free sites that can easily be setup with Github (not taking into account paying for a domain name).

The "free" options are great as well - there are many examples of sites using the latest framework out there (i.e. Gatsby). That was my personal site two iterations ago using Gatsby and Netlify. That version technically worked but I never felt a desire to work on it/blog/do anything more with it. I never remembered how to deploy, where to write, where to host images, etc. It was a bit too much for me.

So now I'm back to the Ghost blogging platform. This will cost me a much easier to digest $5 a month on a simple DigitalOcean droplet. $60 a year is a bit better than the $180. Ghost also has a beautiful interface to write and blog without having to worry about social images, meta tags, tagging, editing, publishing, etc. Using ghost also alignest with my next goal, my purposefor building my personal site is now to share, learn, and write about what I've learned! Add in the new beta features for membership and I foresee my relationship with Ghost to be a longer-term one. Why? Well that's a secret (but coming soon)!

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