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Find Your Why


When you are deep into a workout, whether it is your final half mile of a run, last repetition of your squat, or last minute of your AMRAP, what pushes you to finish? What is it that you dig into to keep you going?

Coding Mnemonically


Mnemonic: a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

Things I Wish I Knew (Coding Edition)


My list of "things I need to learn" in the world of programming is growing every day. Most recently, while working on a side project, I have fallen into the hole of poor application architecture and design. Why did this happen?

Fac, si facis


What is the difference between working for a company and owning a company with employees? What is the difference between a snowboarding going to the Olympics and an amateur riding in the terrain park?

How to Stretch and Be SMART


We've all heard of SMART Goals - Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic and Timeline. I think I recall first hearing about them when I was in school.

The Myth of Unlimited Vacation Days


Is that not something all of us want to see when applying for jobs? Unlimited Vacation Days - it sure does sound perfect. But what if I told you that oftentimes that in the companies that implement the unlimited vacation day policy, employees actually take less vacation time.

Explore/Exploit Algorithm in Decisions & Regret


Explore/Exploit: In the explore phase, we gather all the information, and the exploit phase is using that information you have to make the best decision.

Look-Then-Leap Rule - Explained


You set a predetermined amount of time for 'looking' - that is, exploring your options, gathering data - in which you categorically don't choose anyone, no matter how impressive. After that point, you enter the 'leap' phase...