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Updating Multi-reference Fields with Zapier & Webflow


This past week while integrating Zapier and Webflow, I became surprised to learn that updating reference and multi-reference fields did not work right out of the box.

Simple Object Oriented Programming with Javascript


With the introduction of ES6, creating classes in Javascript has improved. Even though the new syntax boils down to the same as it was previously done, coming from other OOP languages makes it easier to understand.

Understanding Logical Operators with Non-boolean Objects in Javascript


A quick dive into logical operators - they can sometimes be confusing and have some "gotchas" in Javascript.

Want to Learn How to Code? Start Here


Well, I am proud to say that I have officially completed the Python for Everybody course this past weekend, and, if you want to learn how to program, I would highly recommend taking this class.

Getting started with MySQL


Want to learn how to use MySQL? This post will share how to get started with the basics!

Behat and JS? Go CasperJS


However the problem is that the ads do not populate on first page load. They have to send a request to get the ads and populate them. So, this means for Behat, it is not waiting for those ads to load

Build Your First Alexa App


In today's tutorial we are going to set up a very basic Amazon Alexa Skill that uses Python, specifically a package called Flask-Ask.