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Howdy there, thanks for checking out my videos. I'm pretty darn new to live streaming and creating videos. If you have any feedback or suggestions, my DMs are always open

[Twitch] Coding After Hours - Let's check in on our running app built with #react


It has been a hot minute since we took a look at Harvy, the running app I built with React and Swift. Let's check it out in this week's installment of Coding After Hours.

[Twitch] Building a portfolio with nextjs and mdx


You may have noticed a new look for my potfolio. Well in this Twitch stream I share my thoughts about the current state, why I decided to change it up, and work in progress along the way

Stop Motion Slack? Spice Up Your Profile Picture with Cron Jobs & Github Actions!


Slack motion slack? Update your profile throughout the day.

Coding After Hours - Episode 1 Recap


The first installation of Coding After Hours is complete with some mild success. This week we tackled a problem from our friend @thederril to build out a weather app.

[Twitch] Implementing Skeleton Loaders 💀 in React


Skeleton loaders have always been a beautiful way to showcase to a user that 'something is happening'. Turns out it isn't as hard to implement as I thought!